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Biographies are not my strong suit. However, since you are willing to sit with me and tell me about yourself, it is only fair that you know something about me...

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Specializing in Anxiety, Anger, ADHD, Addictive Behavior, communication, trauma, conflict, parenting Children and adults…

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Accomplished and experienced public speaker, available for lectures, interactive presentations, workshops…

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Working with broader mental health team, teachers, doctors, lawyers, corrections…

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What’s in a Name?

Connectivity Counselling is more than just a name.
It is a philosophy informed by science and experience.


Many of us struggle to explain our own behavior, thoughts, and feelings. When we struggle to understand something, we struggle to control it. This leaves us feeling powerless and for most people, powerlessness is associated with danger, pain, and fear. This leaves us constantly trying to explain what is going on around us. However, if we do not have all of the information we need, we are often left guessing (and usually our guesses are wrong). The philosophy of Connectivity Counselling is that information is power. By increasing knowledge and understanding of how things work, we increase our ability to make changes where change is needed.


Our environmental and interpersonal experiences become internalized, not only impacting the structure and function of the brain, but in many ways determining that structure and function. Over time, the brain can become confused, connecting ideas, experiences, and emotions that should not be connected. The process of therapy and education is the process of identifying how these things have become connected, disconnecting them if necessary, and connecting things that should be connected. The name Connectivity Counselling serves as a constant reminder of that process.


Many times in my life, I asked that oft-repeated question, “Why me?” Many times in my life, that question seemed to be answered quite forcefully, though the answer often came years later. Experiences that initially caused pain eventually led to learning and that learning finally led to the ability to help someone else. The idea of the interconnectedness of all things proposes that everything happens for a reason and that we all play a role in the giant system of existence. It is my goal, through Connectivity Counselling, to help you turn the pain of the past into the promise of the future. I know that sounds corny, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Why Choose Connectivity?

We recognize the need to work around the schedules of busy people.

There’s no hiding behind a big desk. Instead, we focus on being real, authentic people. There’s no sense in asking people to open up to a brick wall or counselling robot.

Multiple methods of delivery available: In office, online.


"I cannot say enough about how helpful Ted has been in helping my partner & I learn how to really hear what the other is saying. Marriage is a dynamic 'work in progress' & needs regular attention & maintenance in order to be successful. Ted helps navigate that road. "
"I'm not sure I can fully express in words how WONDERFUL Connectivity Counselling is. I've experienced a totally positive transformation in my life with Ted's guidance..."
"My first session with Ted helped me more than he could have known, after years of trying different styles of counselling and working in the field myself .I was very taken aback at how fast Ted could relate to me and provide me with constructive feedback and valuable advice and ideas to help me continue on my healing journey . I'm very grateful I have met him and will continue to work with him. Thank you Ted!!"
"The time I spent at Connectivity Counselling with Ted Leavitt completely changed my life! I feel that I had a clearer understanding than ever before of underlying problems in my life. I began accumulating tools that would help me overcome and become the person that I always wanted to be."
"I connected with Ted right away; he has a softness and real life approach that I appreciate. I feel like Ted knows he is a real person and treats you the same ...I also appreciate that he understands my needs outside of our hour together and reminds me of the things he has taught me to manage myself. Ted is the only counsellor I have made progress with and I enjoy our sessions immensely. "
"Ted was so good at defining what needed to be looked at and gave me some tools on how to deal with anger. Brought a great deal of insight into a tough situation and clarified much for me"
"He has helped me a lot in finding out why I've been doing certain things"
"Ted was so good at defining what needed to be looked at and gave me some tools on how to deal with anger. Brought a great deal of insight into a tough situation and clarified much for me"
"I have to admit it was a pleasure to be counselled by Ted. His perspective on issues gave me a new perspective as well which allowed me to help myself better. I appreciated the attention and help I received and would not hesitate to recommend Connectivity Counselling to anyone who is in the position of needing help."