Specializing in Anxiety, Anger, ADHD, Addictive Behavior, communication, trauma, conflict, parenting Children and adults

I work from the perspective of attachment theory which has demonstrated through science that the relationships that we form in our early years have great influence on the way we see the world and how we fit into it.

Whether we struggle with impulse-control issues, worry about things that may or may not happen, have a hard time getting along with others, or just feel dissatisfied with where are at in life, chances are great that the roots of our struggles were planted long ago and have been watered by our experiences.

My intention is to help you discover those roots, how they have created a filter through which you see the world, and give you the power to change that filter if it’s not working.

The process is not mysterious, it is concrete. I supplement my listening ear and welcoming approach with multimedia, educational information that gives you the answers that you may not even know you are seeking. Check out my videos page for an example.

Accomplished and experienced public speaker, available for lectures, interactive presentations, workshops

Due to my experience and comfort level, I am available to speak to any size group on a wide range of topics. Past presentation topics include:

  • The Nature of Addiction
  • The Effects of Trauma on Emotional Development
  • Understanding Anger and Anxiety
  • Seven Steps to Letting Go
  • How to Manage Conflict: From Conversations to Companions
  • ADHD: What Is It, Where Does it Come From, and What Do We Do with It?

Presentations are flexible in length, subject matter, and style (including multimedia options) and can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Working with broader mental health team, teachers, doctors, lawyers, corrections

In some cases, counselling or therapy is not necessary. Individuals or families may need a professional opinion, documentation, or expert advice. These are typically one-time situations and may be required as part of a larger assessment, court-orders, or employment support services. These are all available through Connectivity Counselling.