Author: Alex Gheorghe

As a therapist and someone who experiences anxious feelings of my own, I think that one of the most terrifying and equally beautiful things in our lives is that everything is uncertain. Think about this – would you like to know about absolutely EVERYTHING before it’s about to happen? Every surprise, every accomplishment you’ve achieved, every wonderful person that comes into your life? Right now, many of us are dealing with a serious lack of control of our environments. What we may fail to recognize is that we have always had very little control of our external world – the current pandemic may simply be accentuating this reality.

Life is unpredictable and chaotic; this can be what makes it beautiful and wondrous. Despite this, how can we deal with the obvious unpredictability of a pandemic? What do we have control over? First, we have control over our own behaviour. Secondly, with practice, we can also gain a degree of control over our thoughts and emotions. Finding ways to regain some control in your day-to-day life is important and can help you take back some of that power that seems to be slipping away right now.

Instead of stewing in nervousness while watching the news, turn off the TV and go for a safely distanced jog, put down your phone and paint a picture of the scenery outside your window, put down the fourth cup of coffee and get your dopamine from a HIIT workout class online. These are small situations that we CAN control. Empowerment does not always need to be as big as sailing the seven seas. We can find ways to take back power in our lives through small changes in our day. And always keep in mind – nothing lasts forever (emotions, thoughts, and pandemics included).