Fees and Services Offered

I offer counselling and consulting services in three formats:


I have a comfortable office, set in a residential neighbourhood. This offers an opportunity for discrete access to counselling and a non-institutional feel.


I am also prepared to meet with you in your home, if that is more convenient for you. For many people seeking help, the idea of going to an office may be intimidating. For others it is simply a matter of transportation or other issues of convenience. For this reason, I am willing to come to your home and meet with you in a setting where you feel comfortable. Travel time is calculated based on the hourly rate.


For many people in our busy world, the opportunity to take time out of a busy day to travel to another location for counselling is not possible. For others, it is a matter of location. There may be a lack of resources in your area or simply a lack of fit between yourself and those resources. For this purpose, I offer online counselling through various platforms. The video-calling capability of Skype or FaceTime, allows us to have a face-to-face interaction that is a close approximation of an in-home visit (without the pressure to tidy up:)) All you need is a webcam.
I’m dedicated to offering you value for your investment.

Fees are as follows:

  • Individual Sessions
  • $110hr
  • Couples Sessions
  • $130hr
  • Family Sessions
  • $150hr
  • Half-hour Sessions
  • $60Half Hour

Fees are payable following the session and can be made using either cheque, cash, Interac, VISA, or Mastercard
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