Elizabeth Kubler Ross, author of “On Death and Dying” was an instrumental figure in the understanding of the human experience of grief and loss. While her book focused on the grieving process in relation to mortality, the principles she outlined have since been applied to a wide-range of loss experiences. These may include the loss of health, the loss of opportunity, the loss of a job, the loss of a role or responsibility, the loss of identity, and a host of others. The grief and loss that I will be focusing on in this post and the next is the loss of fidelity. In other words, I am referring to the typical and predictable response to infidelity in a relationship. In this first post, I will outline the stages of grief of the Kubler-Ross Model and in the second post, I will apply these principles to the issue of infidelity specifically. By understanding the stages, or forms of grief outlined by Kubler-Ross, individuals may be able to recognize where their experiences be found along the continuum of typical responses to this form of tragedy. The Five Stages of Grief 1. Denial This is a state of emotional shock, wherein the […]